Video Growth in Digital Marketing

September 18th 2018


Digital marketing continuously changes, and brands need to keep up in order to remain relevant to consumers. One area that continues to grow is video marketing, and its no surprise if you look at some of the latest statistics.

This year, Brand Dialogue worked with Parmigiano Reggiano to produce recipe videos, the first ever for the brand in the UK. Our goal was to create visually compelling content that will hopefully encourage fans or new consumers to cook more with the King of Cheeses.

We partnered with Film Infinity and spent four days at their studio shooting and photographing 10 recipes. They included Shepherds Pie, Scotch Eggs and a twist on Cornish Pasties. We plan to use the recipe videos on social media and for future marketing activities and can’t wait to see what Parmesan fans think!

Follow this link for the Parmigiano Reggiano Scotch Eggs!

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