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Jerte Picota Cherries

Picota and PDO

Jerte Picota cherries are unique to the Jerte Valley, and have been grown and harvested over centuries. Picota cherries were awarded Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) in 1996. The PDO guarantees the quality, authenticity and traceability of the Picotas which are grown on the terraced slopes of the Jerte Valley, South-West of Madrid, in the Caceres region of Spain.

These cherries are particularly special, because they are certified, which verifies that the fruit has been grown, harvested and packed under special quality control procedures and have come exclusively from the Valle Del Jerte in Spain. Picotas are only available for six weeks per year and are completely natural; they are never ‘artificially’ cultivated for profit and the taste and quality is never compromised.

Picota cherries are harvested by hand and when perfectly ripe they naturally come away from the stalk. The word ‘Picota’ means ‘peaked’, which directly relates to the shape of the cherry, which has a slight peak to the base.

Brand Dialogue has been appointed to raise awareness of the PDO with its assurance of quality.

Activities include

In-store and online promotions with major supermarkets and their suppliers; promotional activities with well-known Spanish restaurants in London and chef collaborations; location photography; press and corporate hospitality in some of London’s most prestigious restaurants; tastings and samplings at shows and events. Work with the Spanish Embassy and Food and Wines from Spain to encourage awareness and sales of Picota Cherries through retail merchandising and restaurant & supermarket relationships.


  • Marketing for Picota Cherries since 2015
  • Protected Denomination of Origin status
  • Crisis management and PR support during legal and sales disputes
  • Emphasis on origin, tradition, naturalness and traceability
  • Recipe development
  • In-house design of print advertorials
  • Writing and distribution of releases
  • Promotional activities with top independent and chain restaurants
  • Supermarket and retail promotions
  • Work with top Spanish restaurants