We have worked with a variety of clients and always strive to deliver the best results and develop strong client relationships. Some of our clients have been with us more than 20 years, which reflects the quality and consistency of our work.



Brand Dialogue with ASMI from 1989-2013, coordinating programmes to increase awareness for Alaska seafood products and encourage trial and usage. We oversaw the introduction of fresh/frozen produce into the UK market, encouraged and modernised the consumption of canned salmon and constantly adapted marketing and PR activities according to product availability and consumer trends.

Brand Dialogue has excellent consumer, trade and food service contacts, including Mike Berthet, Director M&J Seafood; Peter Hajipieris, Chief Technical, Sustainability & External Affairs Officer Iglo Group Ltd; CJ Jackson, Director Billingsgate Seafood School; Chris Leftwich, Chief Fisheries Inspector Fishmongers Hall; Jose Souto, Chef Lecturer Westminster Kingsway College and Nikki Hawkins, Foodservice and Events Manager at the Seafish Authority. Collaborative marketing programmes have always been an important focus of our campaigns, enabling us to increase brand recognition, influence and value.

We organised events, tastings, seminars, advertorials and exhibitions with Alaska Tourism, Food Network UK, Guild of Food Writers and Billingsgate Seafood School to gain maximum exposure and recognition for Alaska Seafood. We worked closely with key industry members such as John West, Princes, New England Seafood, Sodexo and all the major and independent retailers.


Activities included:

We were directly responsible for Consumer and Foodservice and involved in Trade activities, including designing, writing and negotiating In-Store advertorials, negotiating competitions and on-pack promotions, judging and presenting Quality Food and Retail Awards, and hosting Trade events.


1) Increasing consumer awareness, trial and usage of Alaska Seafood through

  • Advertorials
  • Editorials
  • Press releases
  • Recipe development and photography
  • Recipe books
  • Effectively developing social media and websites


2) Increasing Trade awareness through

  • Use of retailers advertising vehicles for logo placement in advertisements
  • Developing and distributing In-Store promotional materials with strong brand identity
  • Training seminars for major retail chains
  • In-Store product demonstration at retail level
  • Attendance at industry trade shows
  • Education trips


3) Activities with Foodservice

  • Craft Guild of Chefs
  • Westminster Kingsway Catering College
  • Billingsgate Seafood School
  • Seafish
  • Advertorials
  • Hospitality tasting events
  • Shows and exhibitions